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I'm a Yoga and Mindfulness Coach based out of Gainesville, Fl.
Facilitating mindful space has been the light of my life since 2015.

Read about the start of my wellness journey here.

I offer private and group yoga
and life-changing yoga retreats!

I'm proud of you for taking steps towards your most empowered life. You deserve to feel amazing. 😌



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Yoga Sessions

Each Private Yoga Session is tailored to fit the specific needs and desires of each unique client or group of clients. Once we identify your aspirations, we'll apply methods of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness coaching to joyously walk you from wherever you are in your body, mind, and life to wherever you wish to be.




and take a stride in the direction of your most exceptional life.

What clients are saying...


Maggie plans classes to work with what's going on in my body + mind - in only a couple sessions I have seen improvement in certain things I was struggling with in my practice, + I truly feel cared for every single class...If you're thinking of booking a session, DO EET!


Maggie excels at curating a unique + fulfilling experience every class - from yin to power to acro to personal sessions. Her attentiveness + care is unparalleled + she creates a personal relationship with everyone she interacts with...She embodies everything yogis of the past millennium would be proud of.


I don't usually advocate for teachers in the movement community unless they are impeccable in their practice, teachings, + in the way they treat/handle others. As a person who has taken numerous classes from Maggie, + as a certified teacher myself, I highly reccomend her to everyone.


On + off the mat Maggie is an absolute gem. I always enjoy practicing with her. Her flow is creative + allows me to step into my own creativity as I learn more about MY body. Hands down Maggie is one of my top 2 favorite instructors I have ever worked with. Thanks for being you.


Maggie is a talented teacher, combining a strong knowledge of anatomy with a deep love of the connection we have with our world + our bodies. I've taken classes from her for many years now + she consistently challenges me with new transitions or new poses. She is a creative, engaged teacher + she works to ensure every class is special. 

Veronica D. S.

Sami K.

Clementine V.

Lindsay E.

Danielle S.


The best! An incredible experience for both mind + body. Can't wait for my next session!!


 I always walk away from her classes feeling rejuvenated + proud of myself for showing up that day.

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 8.48.16 PM.png

I've been doing yoga since a little girl + out of all my wonderful yoga experiences, Maggie has been my favorite!


Maggie is creative, original, + inspiring simply by being true to herself + sharing her gifts with others through Yoga + movement, music, + more.


I am 65 years old. I’ve gained strength, balance + flexibility. I also love the reminder to enjoy the present moment. I always feel better after her yoga. I highly recommend her!

John N.

Natalie J.

Scarlette C.

Joel C. D.

Jolene J.

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